Foundation Of aks

‘aks Properties’was envisioned with one clear objective; to create a modern Real Estate Industry, infused with updated technology, built on the foundation of a deeper and better thought-out value system. aks is a brainchild of Ex 5G properties’ General Manager Lahore Mr. Adnan Khan, who is a keen proponent of positive change in the society through building trust, nurturing relationships and showing respect to others.

Taking along with the mission and vision of ‘aks’, we challenge status-quo and traditionalism in Real Estate Industry and strive our best to overhaul it with our corporate values of Unity, Faith and Discipline, which are considered as the hallmarks of Pakistan’s founding father Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Keeping the legacy of our core values, we consider our team as an asset of ‘aks’ and value them with all their best insights.

Our Strengths


In pursuit to elevate, inspire and enrich the professionals with lean automated processes, we team up with the leading technological companies of the world. We are not only using world class ERP to optimize our processes but also collaborate with them to infuse technology in the development of modern societies. We believe in digital transformation of Real Estate Industry and thus consider this aspect as a differentiated factor of ‘aks’. Most of our products and service offerings are being run by ‘Digital Customer Experience (DCX)’ through updated media and communication channels.


‘aks’ always respects and values others’ point of view. Empathy, being one of the corner-stones of ‘aks’, is an important business skill that increases retention, drives innovation and supports employees’ wellbeing. It is not a so-called soft skill, but rather a hard business skill that impacts an organization’s bottom line. By nurturing empathy in ‘aks’ brings numerous benefits, including increased sales, productivity, innovation and competitive advantage. We believe that empathy is directly related with job performance. Therefore, we take this aspect very serious and consider ‘empathy’ as the part of ‘Aks Culture’.


At ‘aks’, we value corporate innovation as a compulsory trait exemplified in reality through the very existence of our core team. We always look advance and develop resilience to counter uncertainties, largely through closed innovation. Our process involves harmoniously merging new, disruptive ideas into existing processes, with innovation coming from inside the company. We believe in the process of adopting entrepreneurial mindset while encouraging and providing new avenues to our team to think out of the box with co-opetition in mind.

Properties & Portfolios

We have a portfolio of properties all over Pakistan. We offer services in consultancy & real estate development. We have been involved in the development, construction, real estate advisory, and management of quality projects, providing value-enhancing services to our customers