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‘aks properties’ was envisioned with one clear objective; to create a modern Real Estate Industry, infused with updated technology, built on the foundation of a deeper and better thought-out value system. aks is a brainchild of Ex 5G properties’ General Manager Lahore Mr. Adnan Khan, who is a keen proponent of positive change in the society through building trust, nurturing relationships and showing respect to others..

Taking along with the mission and vision of ‘aks’, we challenge status-quo and traditionalism in Real Estate Company in Pakistan and strive our best to overhaul it with our corporate values of Unity, Faith and Discipline, which are considered as the hallmarks of Pakistan’s founding father Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Keeping the legacy of our core values, we consider our team as an asset of ‘aks’ and value them with all their best insights. 

‘Create Prospects of Decent Housing for All’ Our Vision is aligned with our Values and Guiding Principles in a way that we earnestly strive to see no one without housing. We certainly believe that modern Real Estate acumen can only make this change that everyone is dreaming for.

‘Break the Conventional Myth of Real Estate by Making it Smart’ Our Mission is to make quality Real Estate affordable and smart in order for all to realize their dreams. We arethe proponents of modern living, smart urban development and ultra-augmented home aesthetics. To keep pace with the modern world, we believe in consistent efforts to make Real Estate ‘technology infused industry’

Our values are: Unity, Faith and Discipline.
As a valuable brand, we always show Unity as DNA of aks, Faith in our capabilities and Discipline in our working style.

Our Guiding Principles are: Fairness, Trust and Courtesy.

Fairness:To imply fairness in what we do, understandour clients, dignify them with judicious dealing and abide by with global standards.

Trust:The passion to become trustworthy, to become a reliable partner, to be truthful to everyone.

Courtesy:To become courteous to all, to show empathy, to be at the highest level of compassion.

Real satisfaction of customers through genuine offerings and mutual trust is our philosophy. We believe in satisfaction of customers, fairness of transactions and long-term relationship. We go beyond the conventional ways of Real Estate by providing our clients with significant ROI, smart living and peace of mind.

‘aks’ considers its passionate core team as an asset who are firm propagators of value addition. Our members of core team are second to none. We really believe that ‘aks core team’ must possess our values and acceptability to abide by our guiding principles. As a prime cornerstone of ‘aks’, our attachment with core team is significant. We not only consider them as an ‘aks Family’ but also strongly believe that their intellect, knowledge, skill and education has the power & passion to create wonders in Real Estate Industry.

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