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Lahore City- Badshahi Mosque

Urban City Lahore – The Best Luxury Residential Area Now at Low-Cost

There are several reasons why people want to live in Lahore. Initially, it was among the largest cities in Pakistan. It provides a range of opportunities for individuals residing in Lahore or other cities.  As a result of this, many individuals are moving to this city. The demand for residential properties has gone up. The launch of Urban City Lahore is a result of this.

This housing scheme was launched to provide both affordability and luxury to people.  Work has also started on the site of this project. According to developers, the construction and development will be completed by 2025.

Lahore’s Urban City has ample investment opportunities. The categories include residential, commercial, and villa lots. Other facilities include high-end security, leisure facilities, and shopping centers. Isn’t it impressive that everything is present in this housing development?

Urban City Lahore’s developers and owners

Urban City Lahore’s developers and owners are the primary drivers behind the initial rise in popularity of housing societies or real estate projects. The notion is that investing in projects owned by developers is the most secure option. The project of Urban City Lahore is a must-see for anyone considering investing in the area. The project’s success or failure is attributed to its reputation and experience.

 Urban City in Lahore is a joint venture between Al Hafeez Developers and Al Rehman Developers.  These two firms have a significant market presence. They have gained a reputation for elevating the real estate market in Pakistan. They have completed several real estate projects in Pakistan. The following projects demonstrate their credibility by providing the details. Al Hafeez Garden, Lahore  Zarai Farm Houses . These real estate projects showcase that Al Rehman is a leading developer.  The trust of both spectators and investors is evident in the latest project, Urban City Lahore. This is what makes Urban City in Lahore a highly sought-after housing project that attracts many visitors.

 Where can I find the urban city of Lahore?

The location of a real estate project is crucial to its success, as everyone knows. Investors are continuously seeking a real estate project. After discovering one, they prioritize the location. In the real estate sector, the location of a project is crucial to generate profits. The Urban City of Lahore is situated near the main GT road and Kala Shah Kaku. It is one of the most easily accessible parts of Lahore.

Accessible from different locations in Lahore, it is a significant region of Lahore. The following are the accessible points in Lahore’s Urban City: Lahore’s Sialkot motorway is only 5  minutes away. Lahore’s Ring Road is a 5-minute drive away. Islamabad Motorway in Lahore is a 5-minute drive away. A 15-minute ride from Mall Road, Lahore. A 25-minute performance at Azadi Chowk in Lahore. DHA Lahore 5 min 7 sec. Allama Iqbal International Airport, which is 25 minutes away,  is a well-known commercial and economic center in the region. Motorways have provided people with unrestricted access and connectivity.

Urban City Lahore NOC

Before pursuing an interest in a housing project, individuals in Urban City Lahore NOC seek information on its approval status from the development authorities. Urban City Lahore is sanctioned by the Town Municipal Authority (TMA) Ferozwala. Its No Objection Certificate is readily available. There is no need to worry about any issues with your investment in the future.

Waiting is unnecessary if you are interested in investing in this housing project. Other major projects include Lahore Smart City, among others.

Covered Area

Lahore is a joint venture between two of the most prominent names in the real estate industry and covers an entire area. It has a massive expanse of 4,500 Kanal. Additionally, TMA has sanctioned the acquisition of land, its sale, and the community.

Master Plan of Urban City Lahore

The Master Plan of Urban City Lahore is a comprehensive resource that provides information on infrastructure and planning for society. The master plan for Urban City Lahore was formulated by Surbana Jurong. Asia’s top real estate consultant is Surbana Jurong. In 2015, the Government of Singapore developed and possessed this. The Urban City master plan provides the city with state-of-the-art infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment, and premium amenities. Additionally, it ensures that society has a range of available plots, from residential to commercial ones. Investors are drawn to this,  among other things.

Urban City Lahore plot prices are also affordable. Similarly, people don’t have to worry about their finances. The Urban City Lahore Payment Plan offers a variety of payment plan options that include flexible installments and early booking discounts.

Payment plan

The payment plan details are presented below. It has a 3-year installment plan and offers 10%  off on the booking price if you pay the full amount. Listed below are the available facilities and amenities that Urban City Lahore is offering, including attractive green belts. Wide green belts run alongside the roads. Through these belts, natural elements are incorporated into society.

The Grand Mosque Urban City Lahore project is not solely focused on luxury residential spaces. They also serve the religious needs of the people. A massive mosque is being planned as part of the housing project. Life depends on Water Resources, which are considered to be essential. All living beings, not just humans require it. Urban city developers are striving to provide an uninterrupted water supply and build a water reservoir within the community.

The developers are offering Sui gas supply available 24 hours a day, every day to ensure the comfort of the citizens. The promise will be a big draw for many due to the challenge of securing an uninterrupted supply of Sui gas in Pakistan. The modern infrastructure in the Urban City of Lahore is a potential investment opportunity. The planners are maintaining underground electrical connections to prevent any electrical hazards for the public.

The aim of enhancing community interaction through gatherings and social activities was also realized in the Urban City of Lahore. The housing project has been equipped with community centers for this purpose.  Wide carpeted roads are a common feature of the impressive Urban City housing project.  These routes guarantee hassle-free travel without any hindrances. Investors and residents are seeking secure communities to live in today.

It is a declaration of management. If you want to see it yourself, go and visit the site yourself.  Educational facilities are a significant asset for urban communities, as they offer world-class educational facilities. From hiring expert staff to designing a futuristic infrastructure, the makers are leaving no stone unturned.

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